Canvas Parent Account

Our teachers are communicating with students and parents through Canvas. We want all parents to have a Canvas Observer Account. A Canvas Observer Account allow parents to:

  • View communications from teachers to students with class updates and announcements
  • View a calendar of student assignments
  • View student Canvas Classes
  • View student assignments in each class
  • View teacher feedback on student assignments
  • View current student grades
  • Receive notifications when student’s assignments are graded by teachers.

If you have questions or issues with your account, fill out this form and someone will contact you.  

There are 2 ways to create a parent observer account. 

Before you begin, you will need a "pairing code". Your child or your child's teacher can for you.  Click here for directions on how your child will generate a pairing code for you.  

     -  Create from a web browser, click here for instructions.    

     -  Create on a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad, etc...), click here for instructions.  

Institution address for parents:

Ask your student, or your student's teacher, to generate a pairing code from their User Settings. Pairing codes expire after seven days. 

***If you are a Rutherford County Schools Employee, please use a personal email address. 

***KNOWN ISSUE - Parents receive a notification email once a teacher adds or posts new things to the course. Unfortunately, the link that the notification email has in it for parents is NOT accessible by parents.
When parents receive a notification email, we ask that they read the email as "knowledge" that something new has been added. Then, open the Canvas Parent app or login to the browser as they normally would. Parents access Canvas at this link:
This video will show parents how to view teacher contact information, assignments, Zoom information, and grades in the observer account.