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Congratulations!  Someone you love is about to graduate from high school.  For many seniors and their loved ones, this is one of the biggest events of their lives.  Why not surprise and honor your favorite senior with a senior recognition ad?  These full-color ads are printed in the yearbook and are kept a secret until the end of the school year.  Can you imagine the surprise and the emotions that your senior will feel when he or she opens the yearbook and reads your message for the first time?Senior ads are a HUGE tradition at East Rutherford High School.  Each year, we sell ads and quickly run out of space.  If your complete order is turned in by the deadline (October 1, 2023), we guarantee that your ad will be printed.Remember to encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and best friends to order recognition ads early.  The yearbook is a keepsake that your senior will treasure and look back on for many years. We look forward to creating your special ad.  Please contact me by email if you have any questions.Email Mrs. Morgan: [email protected]

Prices and Sizes

1/8 page ad --$50 (one photo and a short message)
1/4 page ad --$95 (2-3 photos and a message)
1/2 page ad--$160--(up to 5 photos and a message)
Full page ad--$310--(send 8-10 photos and a message)
To see actual senior ads, look at either the 2022 or 2023 yearbook.  The ads are the same size.
Method 1:  Order Online (Accepts Credit/Debit Card)
You can order your ads online at
Ordering online ads is easy.  Jostens provides several templates for you to choose from.  
NOTE:  The pictures that you upload must be high resolution (greater than 300 dpi).  If you download them from social media, they may not work.  It is best to upload photos directly from your phone or camera.  If you are getting an error message while trying to create your ad, this is most likely the cause. 
Click the image below to order!


Method 2:  Order at School (Cash or Check only)

The ERHS Yearbook Staff would be delighted to create your ad for you.  
If you have a complete order, feel free to leave it in my mailbox in the office or send it to school with a student.  If you need my help designing your ad, please email me, and we can set up a time for you to come to the classroom.  I am available to meet with you during Yearbook class or during my planning period.
Complete orders have 4 parts.  Please send only COMPLETE orders:
1.  Message
2.  Picture (You can email digital photos or send actual photos to school; photos are returned in June)
3.  Payment
4.  Order Form
Mail your senior ad order/payment to:
East Rutherford High School Yearbook
ATTN:  Mrs. Morgan
PO Box 668
Forest City, NC 28043
Send digital photos/message to: [email protected]
Editorial staff reserves the right to edit all content for spelling and grammar.  All photos must be school-appropriate.
Senior ads will not be placed in the yearbook without payment.  
Parents who submit incomplete ad orders (missing messages/photos) must provide these items before the publication deadline or ad cannot be published.
Yearbooks must be paid in full before delivery to the student.  All sales are final.