Seniors - Mr. and Miss Lancer Eligibility Changes

Dear Seniors, 

For many years the Mr. and Miss Lancer contest has been focused on external beauty.  Applicants submitted photos and a celebrity judge chose the most photogenic boy and girl. Over the past ten years, applicants have dwindled in number. It seems that Cavaliers are not impressed by outer beauty alone and have lost faith in the value of a beauty contest. Additionally, celebrity judges in recent years have been more unwilling to choose winners based on looks alone.  Sometimes, traditions become antiquated, and it is time for a change. 

Who are Mr. and Miss Lancer? These seniors should embody the true spirit of the Cavalier. They should be able to both express their love for East Rutherford High and inspire and encourage those who remain behind. The yearbook is for all students and serves as a memory book for each class. Therefore, Mr. and Miss Lancer should be titles awarded to memorable students who wish to leave a legacy.

This year, all seniors are invited to participate in the NEW Mr. and Miss Lancer competition. It is not about looks, grades or popularity. It is about the HEART of the Cavalier.

More details and the official rules of the contest are attached to the application. In a nutshell, applicants will be provided with a writing prompt and asked to write a letter. The letters will be submitted anonymously to a committee of faculty members who will choose a Miss Lancer, a Mr. Lancer, or both.

If your letter is the winner, your photo, biography and letter will be published in the yearbook, and you will be named Mr. or Miss Lancer on Annual Day in May. Winners will NOT be asked or expected to read their letters on the stage. The deadline is February 28. Please come by room A102 to pick up an application.




The Lancer Staff

Mrs. Marla Morgan, M.A.
English Teacher
Yearbook Adviser
East Rutherford High School