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Grading Information

FOODS and Nutrition  

Students and Parents can review grades at any time using Canvas.  Grades are update for this class every MONDAY.


  A--90-100= 4.0   B--80-89=3.0   C--70-79=2.0   
               D--60-69= 1.0   F- <59= 0.0 



Quizzes, Homework, Notebook Check, Daily Assignments- (counts 20%) The purpose of this type of assignment is to check your understanding. Students must participate during classroom discussion and activities to benefit fully from this class.  Notes should be reviewed each night!!!!!! 
 Student’s Foods and Nutrition I notebook will be an Interactive Notebook. It will be graded several times during the  six weeks.  Notebook Checks will be announced or unannounced.  The notebook MUST be kept all year.  

 Food Labs- (count 17%)  During each unit, students will be given the opportunity to participate in a “hands-on” experience to help students relate knowledge from lecture notes and the text to a real-life experience. 

Practice Tests --- (counts 27%) After completing a competency students will complete a practice test consisting of state released questions.

Unit Tests- (counts 36%) After completing the competencies within each unit, students will complete a Unit Test. This test is administered on-line.

Participation Grade- (counts 36%)Students will be given 6 points each day for a 3 week period, which coincides with midterm.  This grade is based on: following directions, meeting expectations during classroom discussions, food labs, activities with in the class period.

 Writing Assignments and Presentation- (counts 36%) Students will be assigned topics with specific writing and/or oral requirements. The purpose of these assignments are to help students learn the material through written and oral expression and to improve their writing and oral skills. 

FINAL (Post-Assessment) EXAM- At the end of the course each student is required to complete the North Carolina Post-Assessment Test.  This exam is designed by the NC State Department of Education to measure students mastery of content and skill taught in this class.  The exam is given during exam week and is administered on-line.  This exam will count 20% of the students’ grade.

SIX WEEKS GRADE- Each six weeks counts 26.6% of the student’s final grade.  Grades are averaged for each six weeks based on the percentages assigned for each assignment.

FINAL FOODS and NUTRITION I GRADE-   The final grade for Foods and Nutrition I will be the each six weeks counting 26.6% and the final exam grade counting 20%.

Make-up Work-   COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY  If a student is absent, he/she should check their Canvas account to see what topics, activities, and assignments were missed.  Then students should talk to the teacher to discuss what assignments are required to be made up.  This work should completed within 1 week of returning to school, unless otherwise noted by the teacher.   Failure to make-up work may result in a low six weeks average.  These absences should be made up with the teacher or in the learning center. 

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