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Parenting and Child Development

Mrs. Roberts 

Course Outline: Supplies Needed:

1. Parenthood Decision                                                      Materials Needed

2.00 Child Care Issues                                                       1. Macbook

3.00 Prenatal Development, Pregnancy & Delivery         2. Pens/Pencils

4.00 Infant Development & Care                                        3. Paper

5.00 Toddler Development &Care                                       

6.00 Preschooler Development & Care !

Grading Scale:

1. Daily work will count 10% and Notebook will count 25%, Unit test will count

30%, Projects will count 25% and Quizzes will count 10% of the 6 weeks grade.

and the CTE Post Assessment will count 20% of your final grade.

2. Participation in class discussion is expected and will be graded at my discretion.

3. No late work will be accepted unless you are absent!

4. A= 90-100 B= 80-89 C= 70-79 D= 60-69  F=0-59


1. Come to class prepared to work. Bring your Macbook and a pencil/pen every

day. You will not be allowed to leave class to get your materials.

2. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

3. Show respect for yourself, others, and the classroom. Rude comments,

gestures, or behaviors will not be tolerated.

4. Be sure to make up your time and work. Check the assignment board for

missed assignments. Tests should be made up within 3 days of your return to

school. It is your responsibility to schedule time with me.

5. Be honest. Cheating will not be tolerated. If caught cheating and automatic “0”

will be given to the guilty parties. !


1. Warning

2. Contact Parent

3. Office Referral !


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